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Advantagene is a Boston-area privately held biopharmaceutical company. We are committed to saving, extending and improving the lives of cancer patients and their families through the development and commercialization of innovative and personalized cancer immunotherapies. Our proprietary Gene Mediated Cytotoxic Immunotherapy™ (GMCI), a platform technology designed to stimulate a patient’s immune system to naturally fight against his or her cancer, is at the forefront of these efforts. GMCI is a novel and versatile technology that can be applied to a variety of solid tumors. It is based on a relatively low cost and readily available “off-the-shelf” viral vector product (aglatimagene besadenovec; a.k.a. AdV-tk) that generates a powerful patient-specific anti-tumor immune response in-vivo. With hundreds of patients dosed over more than a decade, GMCI has an established safety profile lacking the numerous side effects typically associated with cancer therapies. Furthermore, GMCI is synergistic with standard of care radiation, surgery, and some chemotherapy due to its unique mechanism of action, its ability to focus the immune system toward a patient’s cancer, and its benign side effect profile.  As a result, we believe that GMCI can improve patient outcomes without interrupting therapies currently trusted by physicians and patients. The results of our early studies are promising and have been generated with the support of esteemed and influential leaders in the oncology community. We believe that GMCI has several unique characteristics that provide benefits to patients, payors and providers that few other, if any, cancer therapies will be able to deliver.

We are sponsoring ongoing clinical studies testing the use of GMCI in the treatment of newly diagnosed prostate cancer, adult and pediatric brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, malignant pleural effusion and mesothelioma and we are also researching the use of GMCI in other solid tumor indications.

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